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Started by selling tea from the busy lanes of chandni chowk, in 1986. This business has been built from the ground up. In 1989, we launched our first packet of tea leaves under the name of Khushboo Tea. Slowly business started picking up and so the brand started growing. By 2000 we had become the largest tea agent for the top tea manufacturers in the country. By the early 2010’s the science in the country had developed and so had the demand for healthy and nutritious food. So in the backyard of a Delhi farmhouse was born the idea of producing nutraceuticals. And then started the legacy of providing nutrition and delicious teas. The following year they launched India’s first royal tea brand “CHA palace”. Pioneers in the tea industry, and with the experience of so many years we launched a premium specialty tea brand - Dai Cha, Love at First Sip. These specially curated teas are delightful and taste heavenly.

Taking further the spirit of healthy diets, we launched a health supplement brand - “Healthdiva”. Healthdiva made supplements for a healthy body and mind. In 2021, all the products were accumulated under one single company “Health Platter Global Private Limited” and made a subsequent brand “Health Platter”. Now, all the brands are operated within this single brand. But the journey has just started.

Health Platter is coming up with new and innovative products that are tasty and healthy. Not only will they provide nutrition to your body but also taste amazing. From building muscle to balancing hormones, the Health Platter will have a natural solution to all these problems.

Our Journey


Journey Starts

Tea Journey Started in the bye-lanes of Chandni Chowk


Launched "Khushboo Tea"

Launched first organised North Indian Packet Ted Brand “Khushboo Tea”



Became India’s largest Tea Agent for Tea Manufacturing Groups


Started Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals/Health Supplements journey started at the backyard of Delhi Farmhouse


India's Luxury Tea

Launched India’s first Royal Tea brand “CHA Palace”


Launched Speciality Tea

Launched Premium Specialty Tea brand ” Dai Cha”



Launched Health Supplement brand “Healthdiva”


Amalgamated Under One Umbrella

With The launch of a Health Food’s Company “Health Platter Global Private Limited” and its subsequent brand “Health Platter” all our earlier launches and brands are under one major brand.


To be Continued

The Journey Still Continues………

A Triumphant Legacy; A Promising Future.