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Why Health Platter?

Choose Health Platter for a natural, healthy and flavorful tea experience. Our tea is made from herbs and plants that have medicinal properties, providing numerous health benefits while being low in calories. Unlike sugary drinks, Health Platter is a healthier alternative that is suitable for everyone. With a wide variety of flavors and benefits, there's a perfect tea for every taste preference and health need. Enjoy a cup of HP tea and experience the natural goodness of our tea.

  • Made from herbs and medicinal plants
  • Countless types of natural teas are available
  • Natural teas are typically low in calories
  • Grown using sustainable farming practice

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Top Reviews

Hey guys. I am so excited to share my experience about the health platter products. I have tried many of them like chamomile moringa, masala tea, white rose, kashmiri kahwa, herbal tea,lemongrass. I found all so amazing that on a special occasion of mine i gifted them to all my loved ones.
Customer Testimonial

Mrs Ekta Jain


I am a tea enthusiast,ready to have tea anytime,provided its of my taste. I love the masala tea with strong flavours and aroma.
DIA-CHA Brand won my ❤️. Especially the masala tea,its special flavours are refreshing and actually gives a kick start to my day.
Every sip burst with amazing aroma and richness. The healthy Chamomile Green tea is equally enticing and relaxing. I love to have this tea whenever I want to calm down n relax. Awesome brand to adapt in our routine and feel the high energy all day long.
A cup of DIA-CHA TEA
Elevates and energises ME.☺️
Customer Testimonial

Mrs. Deepika Mandawewala

Jamnagar, Gujrat

Subha ki shuruwat ho ya sham ki relaxation, I always consume my tea Dai cha rose white tea. It has antioxidant properties and is rich in vitamin E. I am taking it from the past 3-4 months and I have experienced excellent results. I have lost 3 kilos and have no water retention.
Hey guys, cheers for Dai-Cha!!
Customer Testimonial

Mrs. Sugam Agarwal